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Charity – Aevi
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For every watch purchased, Aevi will donate 100 school hours for a child in need.

As a Swedish brand, the values of caretaking resonate deeply within us. While making beautiful, premium watches will always be our goal, we want to make the world a better place in the progress.

Hour by hour.


We are proud to be an official donor to PLAN International, a childrens' rights organization that is working with child protection, child health and their rights to education. In other words, making sure that children all over the world get off the right start.


Every three months, we calculate the hours of school that have been added up through the sales of our watches, and donate the sum to PLAN International. This donation in turn helps finance children in exposed areas with tuition fee, school material and school uniforms.

One hundred hours is roughly equal to 2.5 months of school. This means that in a very little time, a real difference can be made. And we are proud to be a part of that.

See the Impact

Education could mean the difference between a future on the streets, or a future full of opportunities. Unfortunately, not all children get the chance to go to school. See the difference you can make.